Jehovah Himself Has Become King

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What is different about this book is that the author still has faith in the religion, while at the same time exposing its gross hypocrisy. Unlike other authors who for many valid reasons, leave their faith and encourage others to leave, this book does the opposite. Written for a Witness-audience (a person unfamiliar with JW doctrine would have a hard time following) it encourages the active, current Witness not to succumb to cult-thinking and to critically analyze their most treasured doctrines, even pointing to the prophets of the past and their declarations against idolatry. The book is no doubt highly controversial within the witness and former-witness community. That the author was shunned because of it is evidence of this.

Note from the Owner of this Site

As yet (5/26/2013), I have not read this book, but some have recommended it, and therefore I have added it to the site. It appears that it may be of interest to anyone who is a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization, or has interest in that organization.

If, however, it claims Charles Taze Russell to have been a prophet, I certainly disagree with this.

If anyone has read the book and wishes to comment on its contents, please do so.

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