The main reason of the page “Focus on Jehovah’s Witnesses” is because many people confuse what we believe with that of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Thus much of what is presented in links is for the purpose of distinguishing our teachings from that the Jehovah’s Witnesses. In doing so, we do also provide scriptural reasons for our beliefs, which may show how we believe the JW doctrine is false, and/or that the JW organization is not scriptural. We do this without malice toward those who are striving to serve Jesus through that organization. We do believe that the organization actually restricts and hinders the flow of true worship by placing a body of men as a go-between between God and His people, which, in this age, is the role of Jesus only, although we do believe that Jesus provided the faith once delivered to saints through his apostles.

We also often show how the teachings of the JWs differ from that of Charles Taze Russell; although Russell was the main founder of the original Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, we do not believe that he would have approved of what that Society has become today.

Further, for those who are in the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization, and who would wish to leave that organization, or for ex-Jws, we believe that much that we provide might helpful.

Focus on Charles Taze Russell – Founder of the JWs?
Focus on Charles Taze Russell – Church Organization

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