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Using Our Studies

On our websites, one may find many Biblical studies on various topics. These free Bible studies may be used as general guides for individual study, as well as in group study. There is a link to print out our studies for use by classes, or for distribution to others. One does not need to obtain permission for such usage of our studies. If the material is studied with a group, we should note the need for love and tolerance, for not all will reach the same conclusions regarding many details.

The casual reader will obtain little benefit from these studies, indeed, he is apt to miscomprehend much of what is being presented. We believe, however, that only those who have a heart desire to reverence God, and to diligently seek his wisdom, will receive the greatest benefit. As with eating a delicious meal, if one bites off too much, it is possible to become choked.

Therefore, we suggest that the material be studied a little at a time, and that our Creator’s blessing be invoked with prayer, in the name of Jesus, before each session of study, and a prayer of gratitude for whatever may have been learned after each session. We have provided many scriptural references, and suggest that time be taken to look up the scriptures, if possible, from different translations, and/or with helps from various aids that might provide help in understanding various Hebrew and Greek words. We believe that God’s spirit aids to understanding through the Bible; our studies are not intended to either replace God’s spirit or the Bible.

As one studies, there may be many questions that arise that are not directly or fully answered in material you have covered so far. We suggest that one should write down any questions, and continue to study to see if the question may be addressed later, or in another study.

Links are provided to other studies that may be incorporated along with each study. Again, if one skims over any study, there is a high possibility that one will fail to fully appreciate what is being presented, and/or that one will miscomprehend what is being presented.

While we have a confidence in God’s Word, we do not claim that our studies are free from human error, nor do we claim infallibility in our conclusions; each must study and come to his own conclusions. We have endeavored to make sure that our conclusions are supported by scripture, to best of our ability; we pray that God may overrule in anything that we may have presented that is not in accord with His will. Before accepting any of our conclusions as your own, we suggest that one look up all references, and be persuaded in his own mind, and not simply accept our conclusions simply because we have stated such belief.

If you find any grammatical or typographical errors, or if you find errors related to scriptures cited (wrong scripture cited, etc.), please let us know.

We pray that whatever we have presented may be a blessing to others, accordingly as it may be God’s will.

Ronald Day, Site Owner and author of all studies unless otherwise stated.

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