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Some have asked about how to contribute to help pay the expenses of this website and other related sites. Due to illness, I have not been looking to expand the ministry, but I am hoping that I may somehow find someone who is interested in expanding the ministry and keeping it alive after I am gone. At any rate, I have been keeping the sites going mostly from my own retirement money.

While I do get some reimbursement from the advertisements that appear throughout the site, so far the expenses have far outweighed the revenue from such. While this means that technically, this ministry operates as non-profit, I have not applied for a non-profit status for tax purposes, as without regular contributors, I cannot afford the extra expenses; therefore, I cannot claim that you will get a tax deduction for contributing to a non-profit organization. It is possible, however, that you may claim a tax deduction for your donation simply as a gift (if such is allowable); I am not certain, however, about this. If there are more who begin to donate, I will try to obtain recognition to receive tax deductible donations.

THANKS in advance for any donations given. It is truly appreciated.

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Donate Via My Amazon Wish List

Another way one may donate is by purchasing items to be sent to me via my Amazon Wish List. The cost of purchases made as gifts will be applied to the costs of running the websites.

CLICK HERE to see the Amazon Wish List

For many years I was renting a P.O. Box for the purpose of accepting contributions. The problem was that it was difficult for me to get to the box due to illness, bad weather, etc. Over about 25 years, there was rarely any actual mail pertaining to the ministry in the box. At any rate, if overall donations or other revenue increases on a regular basis enough to cover the costs, I may again obtain a post office box.

In 2017, over $600 total will be due on the website domains: rlbible.com, reslight.net, rl-bibleinfo.com, ctr-rlbible.com, jesus-rlbible.com, life-rlbible.com and ronsinfo.net. As it appears that I will not be able to pay this out of my social security payments, I will, God willing, transferring a little at a time to free sites such as blogger.


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