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  1. […] believe most associated with the Bible Students movement are in general agreement with the above […]

  2. […] the matter concerning the parousia, and have evidently misread the arguments of many of the Bible Students so as to conclude that the word “Parousia” is being interpreted as meaning […]

  3. […] mistake many Bible Students and JWs (and some others) often make is defining the trinity as “three gods in one […]

  4. […] to “belong” to Charles Taze Russell. The owner of the Restoration Light sites is a Bible Student. He does not claim to “belong” to Brother Russell. He is grateful for Russell’s […]

  5. […] First, let us say that we have studied the works of Charles Russell very extensively for over forty years. (We are not with the JWs; we consider ourselves as associated with the Bible Students). […]

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