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Christian Ministry

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PLEASE NOTE! We are providing the following links because they provide valuable information
in understanding various teachings of the Bible. However, this does not mean that we endorse
each and every expression stated in these references, nor that we endorse the total teachings and
practices of the individuals or groups that provide the websites.

Authors Associated with the Bible Students Movement

Epitome of the Faith Instructor’s Guide – PDF format.

(Harvest Activities) For the assistance of Bible Students especially in their presentations of the truth to others.

Except Some Man Guide Me – Acts 8:32
(Herald Magazine)

The Better Gifts and the More Excellent Way – 1 Corinthians 12:31
Carl Hagensick (Herald Magazine)

The Church and Her Mission
(Herald Magazine)

Ecclesia’s Responsibilities
(Herald Magazine)

What Shall I Render Unto the Lord? — Psalm 116:12-14
(Herald Magazine)

The Christian Ministry, No. 1
ZWT, July 1889, R1128

“Have They Not Heard?” – Romans 10:18: By many, this scripture is understood to mean, that in Paul’s day the Gospel had been preached everywhere and heard by everyone. This is a mistake, as we shall see.
ZWT, R0516

What We Preach and Teach
ZWT, R5970

Anointed Only Are Commissioned to Preach
ZWT, R5970

Preaching the Kingdom – Matthew 9:35 to 10:14; Matthew 10:40
ZWT, R5075

Preaching the Gospel by Mail
ZWT, R1112

Seventy Ministers Ordained – Luke 10:1-24; Matthew 10:24 = Ordination does not relate to a ceremony, or form, as many suppose. It signifies an authorization, a commission to preach.
ZWT, R5362

Able Ministers of the New Covenant 2 Corinthians 3:6
ZWT, R4331

Ministry of Comfort Isaiah 6:1-3
ZWT, R2664

A Successful Minister
ZWT, R1108

The Great Privilege of True Service Matthew 20:28
ZWT, R5375

The Spirit of Service The Spirit of Discipleship – Matthew 20:27
ZWT, R5321

Will Opportunities for Service Cease?
ZWT, R4683

Nothing too Good for God’s Service Deuteronomy 15:21 – “The consecrated parent should consecrate to the Lord not only his firstborn, but all of his children; and from infancy should be instilling into their minds and hearts that the proper course for all of God’s people is to devote themselves in largest possible measure to the divine service.”
ZWT, R3148

How To Proclaim the Truth Ephesians 4:15 – Our power of speech, of communicating our thoughts to others, is the greatest power we possess–the most far-reaching.
ZWT, R5720

World Wide Pastoral Work
ZWT, 5984

“As Deceivers Yet True” 2 Corinthians 6:3,8 – “A minister is a servant. All who serve the Lord, whether publicly or privately, are ministers, and should endeavor to live so true a life, so honorable a life, that even though they may be called deceivers, nevertheless others will take note of their exemplary walk.”
ZWT, 5773

Yearly Reckonings – Spiritual Accounts Psalm 40:5 – A share in this ministry belongs to each one of us, and it is a great privilege.
ZWT, R3000

The Church’s Ministry

Preaching the Gospel

Preaching the Gospel

The Christian Charge

Spreading the Good News

Speaking the Truth in Love

In Season and Out of Season

Ministering In Spite of Rejection

The Church’s Great Commission

An Evangelist

Qualifications of Worship Leaders

Ministry Aids From Amazon – While there is a lot here that may be beneficial, since most of these are written by authors who do not appreciate the ransom for all, much of the material may have to be adapted.

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