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Bible Study Series

“Restoration Light” Bible Study Series:

We recommend that one study this series in the order given; this series is not meant to take the place of the Bible, but to serve as guide that may enable you to see, with the aid of God’s Holy Spirit, things in the Bible that you may not have noticed before. Thus, one should not just accept what is stated without being convinced that what is presented is indeed in harmony with scripture. We do not claim that our studies are without error, but we have endeavored to make them in harmony with scripture, and may, from time to time, correct any statements that would bring the thoughts presented to better harmonize with what God has revealed to us in the Bible.

001:Understanding Kingdom Mysteries

002:Credibility of the Bible

003:Jehovah’s Plan of the Ages

004:The Restoration of All Things

005:Why God Allows Suffering and Wickedness

006:Mankind’s Coming Day of Judgment

007:The Ransom for All

008:With What Kind of Body Will We Be Raised?

009:The Manner of the Resurrection

010:The Way to God (Not Yet Prepared)

011:Born of the Spirit

Study Fifteen: The Present Advantages of Faith

Study Sixteen: The Church’s Divinely Appointed Mission


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